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temporary chair

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Inquiry about catering [Oct. 21st, 2005|03:29 pm]
temporary chair
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

[daydream post]
I petition that since not everyone will be able to make it on December 15, we consider a recipe exchange.

[actual post]
Over lunch I began a search for recipes online. This one was written by Harry K. Stammer in 2003. Although I've heard of a lot of the writers mentioned and it sounds like a good rainy day project, it does not satisfy my appetite. + "Dry Run" is a dry event. (see line H - of course I could be projecting)

hand mic

Post fluxus post-it recipe/direction

A. take three poems by Charles Bernstein, Lyn Hejinian, Charles Bukowski
B. take two hundred words from each (if applicable)
C. print and fold and mail in an envelope to yourself
D. open the envelope and unfold the paper
E. scan re-text and take the paper and cut it up into triangles re-scan and refrigerate at 57 degrees for 2 days
F. take the re-text remove every other word into another file and set aside
G. take the modified re-text apply acrostic technique(s) set aside the original re-text
H. take C print fold put in an envelope address with unknown address with no return address and mail to me by USPS - drink something strong
I. take D and email as an attachment to 100 new random email addresses
J. take X the re-text put through an English to Portuguese translator and put aside
K. read translated J text for any obvious metaphors and remove - set aside
L. write a short paragraph about Marjorie Perloff writing about R. Silliman writing about structure and the rational/logic and Oakland the city
M. now sing the translation in Eb starting on F any melody will do but keep it in harmonic minor (don't worry)

From: temp_chair
2005-11-05 11:28 pm (UTC)

question arrived via email

Yes, is this event meant to be an exposition proper or rather an informational Q and A? Also: will the event be catered?
Thank you.

Dear GM,
Might we begin "here" dispensing with formalities?
Is being meant, GM? I think being sometimes is mint!
Your A-or-B question speaks to me. Wear I will where(?) red sateen correspon-dance pants or sensational self-cleaning ginham picnic pants. From my understanding, not everyone will be able to attend the event, so I would petition for a recipe exchange.
Yours Truly,
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good project :)
senks :)
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